The Elfo Traction Homelift is the epitome of people transportation, combining cutting-edge technology with an unmatched dedication to comfort and silence. Offering an exceptionally smooth ride quality and near-silent operation, the Elfo T ensures that it remains virtually unheard in adjoining rooms or apartments, making it the top choice where silence is paramount. 

Its sleek, compact design eliminates the need for a machine room, with the traction unit discreetly positioned between the guide rails, along with the over-speed governor.  

The control panel’s flexibility allows for installation in the headroom of the shaft space, above the machine, or to the side without the landing door. The control panel can also be installed outside the lift shaft on the top floor within 3.5 meters from the motor for ultimate accessibility. Furthermore, the maintenance console for engineers is conveniently recessed into the landing door frame at the upper level.  

With a minimal pit depth requirement of just 150mm and a wide array of cabin dimensions and finish options, the Elfo T Homelift is a versatile solution, ideal for domestic installations, commercial spaces, offices, schools or retail outlets, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. 


Load capacity: 300 – 400 – 450Kg 
Maximum stroke: 25,000mm
Minimum pit: 150mm
Max speed: 0,15 m/s in EU/ UK – 0.30 m/s outside EU
Rated power consumption: 1.1Kw – 1.2kw – 1.5k.w
Power supply: 230V single-phase
Certifications: Bureau Veritas 

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