Lifting platform without cabin intended for the transport of people and things that meets the requirements of Law 13/89 for the removal of architectural barriers.  

The great feature of the Upper that makes it so unique is the footprint in the headspace (only 1300mm above the top floor) that allows installations even where space is limited, so it can be defined as a domestic mini-lift. From today, getting up to the attic is no longer a problem! 

The mechanics (guides, piston, etc.) positioned on the side of the platform, is not visible due to its protective casing which covers the entire running compartment. The design features of this platform allow its use even by users with reduced or impeded motor skills.  

In addition to the installation in masonry or reinforced concrete shafts, various types of steel or stainless steel metal structures are available that allow installation inside or outside the building (in external instances, the solution with a gate will not be possible but a closed structure with a head min 2300 mm must be provided). 

The operation of the Upper is always with the operator present (The button must be pressed for the duration of the trave l – ‘hold to run’) both from the platform and from the landings. 


Load capacity: 300Kg 
Maximum stroke: 10,000mm
Minimum pit: 130mm
Max speed: 0,15 m/s
Rated power consumption: 1.5Kw
Power supply: 230V single-phase
Certifications: CE 

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