The Company - Experience and Professionalism

EP, established in 1991 and headquartered in the heart of Tuscany, is the foremost Italian home lift producer, specializing in the comprehensive design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of premium elevators.

EP is certified ISO9001 quality management system for design, manufacture, sales, installation, after-sales and maintenance of elevation systems Quality and ISO 45001:2018 (Work Safety Policy).

Technology - Quality and flexibility of our products

EP excels in providing tailored home lift solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of properties and needs. Whether your property requires a lift for short travels or multiple floors, EP’s expertise in removing architectural barriers is unmatched. With a keen understanding of the diverse requirements of homeowners and architects, EP ensures that every solution is customized to fit seamlessly into the existing architectural layout.

Our products are highly customizable: size, materials, finishes, type of doors, along with security systems suiting the customer’s needs. The components used are of the very best quality, and manufactured internally at our facilities. Our Technical Department is committed to continuous technological research to develop innovative solutions for new reliable and affordable lifts. EP offers adaptability and personalization that regardless of the size, design, or unique challenge, EP has the expertise and product range to transform it into an accessible and convenient space.

Versatility - Customized solutions for every demand

Each product represents the ideal solution in terms of style, utility, security systems, type of manoeuvre, and rated load. The solutions we offer you, allow installations of lifts on newly built constructions or pre-existing ones. Lifts can be installed inside masonry shafts or metal shafts we may provide which can be in powder coated mild steel or stainless steel, cladded with transparent or coloured glass, indoor or outdoor installation.

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